While there are really no one particular places that we would say are top choices for car lovers, there are certainly a few that we can name in the book. Some of these places are car enthusiasts vacation destinations because they offer the one thing that everyone wants on vacation: driving. If you’re one of those people who loves the open road and you don’t mind getting your license revoked for it, then driving across the country or even around the world is a great vacation experience. Some of the best places to go are places where you can get your license first and then drive across the country or even go international with your car.

Some of the best car vacation destinations are also places that have close ties to the car in question. For example, car enthusiasts who are located in Southern California are going to find that there are many great national parks in their area. You can visit El Mirage Park and hike along the famous Rim Road, or you can visit Tarrufoam Mountain and get to ride in a hot air balloon (yes, this is a reality!)