If you’re like most people, you’ve likely received a lot of career advice over the years but most of it didn’t apply to your life and individual circumstances. The Best Career Advice is advice that is realistic, easy to incorporate into your life situation and benefits you more than anyone else.

Easier said than done for the people giving advice that is unrealistic and suitable to you. They mean well but target their advice based on what worked for them and what was best for them. You need to know that what’s best for anyone else is not necessarily best for you. So how do you filter out the bad advice to get to the good stuff? Below is some of the best advice you can get.

When choosing a career, choose something that you are passionate about, something that makes you happy, something you look forward to doing every day. Don’t jump into anything too quickly. Too many people are caught up in the belief that they have to do things on a strict timeline. If it takes you a few years to decide what you want to do, that’s fine. Take the time to make sure you make the right decision for you. Never give up and finally, work hard but don’t lose yourself in any career!