The Best Divorce Alternatives


Terminating a marriage is one of the most traumatic events that can occur in your life. It even becomes harder if they are children involved and assets to be divided. The divorce process is procedural, and caution needs to be taken to avoid making irreversible mistakes that can make the whole process frustrating.

They are various divorce alternatives available, and it is up to you to select the one that suits both you and your partner.


The mediation process involves hiring a neutral third party who works as a mediator. The mediator can be a lawyer or not. However, it is recommended that you hire a Denver divorce lawyer as they have a detailed understanding of the law. An experienced lawyer aims at legally conducting the divorce process and ensures equal treatment of both parties.

The mediator should not side with any of the partners. In most cases, both parties can have independent divorce attorneys who they consult before the divorce process commencement.

The mediation process’s main advantage is that it keeps the divorce procedures from the prying eyes of the public. It also seeks a more friendly manner to terminate a marriage without causing any trauma for the kids.

Collaborative process

The collaborative process is possible when two parties agree to terminate the marriage without necessarily going to court. Both parties need to hire independent attorneys who will assist them in seeking a better negotiation for them.

The collaborative process requires that both parties reach an agreement and sign it. A judge must approve the deal for it to be legally binding. In the negotiating process, other parties such as financial planners and professional therapists may make it successful.

Litigated divorce

The ligated divorce means the traditional separation and does not necessarily require both parties to appear in court.  The ligitation type of divorce involves the conduction of a lawsuit.

The litigated divorce occurs when other separation methods are not working, or one party is objecting to the divorce. In this scenario, a lawsuit must be filed, requiring the opposing party to agree to the divorce. The most difficult thing about this type of divorce is in the taking of custody of the children. The ruling judge must make a ruling about the children’s fate, depending on how the divorce attorney presents the case.

Do it yourself type of divorce

The DIY type of divorce process does not involve any mediators, divorce attorneys, or lawsuits. The divorce process is a conceptual agreement between the two parties to end the marriage peacefully. The type of divorce is applicable when the union has not lasted for many years, and they are no children in the marriage.

The divorce process is affordable and is completed in a faster way. However, if they are assets to be shared or one party is not in agreement, you should consider involving qualified divorce attorneys.

There are numerous ways of ending a marriage, but you should hire a qualified divorce attorney who will offer detailed guidance throughout the procedure for efficiency.

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