A business website is a potent marketing tool for all businesses. With more and more people shopping online, it would be difficult for a company to thrive without one. But is it enough? Not really! There are various tactics that you can employ to make your business website more beneficial. A perfect example is marketing software. While there are many versions available, a website visitor tracking software benefits all businesses-both big and small.

What are the characteristics of a great website tracking software?

  1. Delivery of categorized data

The best website tracking software delivers the right data in real-time. It presents an overview of the visitors’ names, location, contact details and many other details. This way, it becomes easier to engage effective strategies to turn prospects into leads.

What’s more? It gives you insights on customer behavior, and their searches on the web pages, blogs and content they clicked on. With such a valuable tool, it will be simple to determine the number of visits and the time takes n the site.

  1. Offers a CRM tool

A website visitor tracking software gathers all your business leads in one spot. However, this will be more useful if it allows you to incorporate other details such as; contact information, callbacks, schedule meetings and keep track of your quotes, notes and proposals. A visitor tracking software featuring a CRM tool helps you track all you leads and stay updated on their progress.

  1. Allows for the creation of client wishlist

The best software permits you to upload a list of all your favorite businesses. It should give you instant alerts every time such enterprises visit your site. Why is this useful? The feature works on the presumption that such a business would visit your site while looking for information or a particular product. With prompt notifications, it will be simpler to avail and introduce yourself in real-time, which raises your chances of closing a deal.

  1. Lead prioritization

A reputable visitor tracking software prioritizes leads. It uses certain criteria to give value to your leads, and e-Mail them to your sales reps so that they can act appropriately. With this information, your sales team can employ the right strategies to convert the leads into sales. Such a tool will save on time, since it makes the sales team focus on fewer leads, with the right knowledge on how to maximize on the leads.

  1. Shows referral channels

The best website visitor tracking software shows the referral channels for all visitors. You can use this information to focus more on getting visitors to your site and save time. The software should track the source of everyone who visits your site.

 If it shows the keywords used, the better. You can target the keywords to rank highly on search engines and reach more of such buyers. You can as well implement with similar keywords to attract more customers.

Final thoughts

A website visitor tracking software is a great investment in any business. It can benefit your business in myriad ways. Acquire your tracking software and other marketing tools from reputed providers, and watch it help you manage your leads efficiently.