Scotch is one of the most popular drinks, but you need to know how to drink it to enjoy it truly.

It is very common to find someone who has a favorite glass that they like to drink their scotch in. Different types of glasses can be used for scotch. The most important thing about what type of glass you use is how it affects the taste of your drink. It may look easy, but there are some rules that you need to follow to get the best experience with your scotch.

The Best Glass for Scotch has three important points:

1) Chill your glass first before adding ice. This will cool down your drink and give you a more enjoyable drinking experience.
2) Add water (or club soda). Adding water or club soda will dilute and soften the taste of whisky because alcohol usually burns on the way down when consumed neat
3) Drink in moderation! Drinking too much whiskey can lead to a fuzzy feeling and loss of balance.

There are three main factors when considering which type of glass will make your scotch taste best: shape, material, and size.
Shape- The shape of the glass you choose should depend on what kind of flavor profile you want to enjoy when drinking your scotch. For example, if you prefer sweeter flavors, then a tulip style or a ball-shaped glass will best suit your needs. If you enjoy more complex flavors, then a tulip or an elegant style is a better choice.
Material- The glass material also plays into how much flavor can be experienced by drinking scotch in different types of glasses. Lightweight materials like crystal and porcelain are good for delicate flavors and aromas. Heavy materials like lead crystal, which is denser than ordinary glassware, are good for scotch with intense flavors.
Size- The size of the glass that you choose should depend on how much time you want to spend drinking your drink and what kind of flavor profile you prefer to experience when drinking it in different glasses.
Follow these recommendations when drinking scotch, and you will feel the difference.