We all want a healthy head of hair and for some people, long hair is a crowning achievement. The challenge is keeping long hair healthy and as it grows, it tends to look unhealthy if proper care is not given.

You may have heard about Vitamins for Hair Growth. Yes, it’s true there are vitamins that can help with healthy hair growth. Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Vitamin B7 are the most popular ones. Other supplements that are good for the hair include kelp, iron and zinc.

There are many other things you can do to encourage healthy hair growth including:
-not washing the hair every day. Over-washing can damage the hair. Other things that damage hair include heat appliances, too much product, wind, sun, extreme cold and heat.
-Get a trim at least every two months. I know this sounds counter-productive but cutting your hair actually helps it grow faster.
-Eat a healthy diet, exercise and reduce stress.

Following these tips will surely improve the health of your crowning glory.