When it comes to British produced food, sausages may come to mind. There are an estimated 400 varieties of sausage, or banger, in the UK and they are considered an important part of the traditional British breakfast. They’re also popular served with chips (French fries) or in a pastry wrapper, which is known as a sausage roll. Regional varieties of sausage can be found all over the UK, and perhaps the two most famous varieties are the Cumberland and Lincolnshire sausage. The chopped meat used gives the Cumberland sausage its distinctive flavor, while sage meat helps to give Lincolnshire sausage a chunky and rich flavor. One meal that uses sausage is toad in the hole, a dish that dates from the mid 18th century and was often enjoyed by poorer people. It contains no toads, but consists of sausages in batter, and often served with a vegetable.