Parking System

The Components Of An Automated Parking Garage


An automated parking garage usually uses the following three components – conveyor, crane, and shuttle. The shuttle is a non-pallet-mounted, multi-level, vertically-swinging conveyor system, perfect for large parking spaces requiring more floor space. It may include a ramp or elevators in which to access the terminal. The conveyors move through a series of stations that contain lift arms, racks, pallets, and a variety of shelves. Elevators and ramps are usually placed on a level surface.

Conveyors may use metal rollers, steel cable, or hydraulic hoses. If a conveyor fails, the load will stop immediately. Hydraulic hoses are usually used for an automatic shuttle system and have the advantage of providing greater control over the shuttle’s speed. Automatic shuttle systems typically use a combination of cable and hydraulic hoses to provide more flexible control. All of these components of an automated parking garage combine to provide the user a safe, convenient, high-tech, and efficient solution for various parking requirements.

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