For about a year now, all we’ve been hearing is Covid this and Covid that. Covid-19 has certainly turned the world and our society upside down in every way possible. One of the things that has been a hot topic is the effects of Covid on the country and the world’s economies.

The Covid Economy is a real thing. The pandemic is having a dramatic effect on people’s livelihoods, the job market, personal debt and the economy as a whole. And the big question is what will it look like when the virus is done with us, if it’s ever done! Many people are asking whether they will even get their jobs back and whether there will be other jobs available. Others are wondering if markets will crash or will taxes have to rise. One question I’m sure many have is whether they will need to file for bankruptcy.

No one knows for sure what shape we will be in a year from now or ten years from now but one thing is for certain and that is the economy will be influenced by Covid for some time to come!