A beach hoodie is a versatile garment made for the avid beach comber. They can be worn for a specific reason or just for the style.

Hoodies made for beach life may be made in heavy fabric to keep the wind of the beach from penetrating through them. This is a perfect option for evening beach walks. Depending on where the beach is when the sun goes the wind that whips across the body of water may have a bitter chill. This chill can happen even in the mid summer seasons. A hoodie that can keep the wearer comfortable and warm allows them to enjoy the evening without suffering through it.

Other beach styled hoodies are more for looks than for function. Some hoodies are meant solely for covering up a bathing suit. These garments should be absorbent even if they are lacy in design. Printed hoodies are another option for the beach obsessed person. These themes can be anything from simple wording to full on pictures.

Hoodies that are meant for the beach come in so many styles, colors, and for many different functions.