Housekeepers do a great job in keeping guesthouses in a good condition. So they deserve smart uniforms to keep them looking sharp and professional. Modern housekeeping uniforms are designed to flex with the wearer as they keep doing their job. Dresses, shirts, tunics are essential items for a career housekeeper.

There’s always an outfit for every professional whether working in a casino hotel or resort. Whether it is a colored theme, specific dress code, or design, there is always room to add an accessory. Depending on the worker, a housekeeping accessory could mean a lot.

The Apron

One of the most versatile designs is the apron. It is used in almost all industries from hospitality, arts, foods and beverage. An apron is designed to protect clothes. While adding convenience, it offers an element of uniformity to all housekeepers. If you are looking for cheap work uniforms for sale, the apron should be on your bucket list. There is a variety of styles to match any workplace. Besides adding a sense of professionalism, an apron is made of durable materials to serve for longer.

A great option is the waist apron that comes with two side pockets. It also features ties to adjust the waist for ultimate comfort. Some waist aprons are scalloped; hence they are a fun way to spice up typical housekeeping uniforms. It is good to have aprons in multiple colors so that the users can change if need be.

Another traditional style of housekeeping apron is the classic V-line. It is a top-selling design and looks great when worn with tunics and housekeeping dresses. While it doesn’t have pockets, it is a perfect alternative for people working in the food and beverage industry.

Housekeepers who need convenient aprons can choose the cobbler apron. This is a versatile option with two pockets for holding washcloths and other tools. It is especially helpful for those who do deep cleaning jobs that involve a lot of stains. The good thing about aprons is that they come in varied sizes and shapes. Browse the color, fit, and materials that best suit your staff and working environment.

Tunics and shirts

Modern hospitality facilities are embracing tunics and shirts as uniforms for the junior staff. Hospitality tunics for sale are very affordable, durable, and easy to move around in. The best styles can be worn even in the dirtiest rooms. Choose from double-breasted, V-neck, or five-button tunics. Most housekeeping tunics come with moisture management features. Popular housekeeping shirts for women include the three-quarter sleeve for cleaning. The polo shirt can be worn by both genders. In case there’s a guest with a medical condition, a set of scrubs always come in handy.

Housekeeping dresses

The housekeeping dress remains the king. From double-breasted to the lapel design, there are plenty of dresses to flatter different body shapes. Housekeeping dresses allow the wearer to move around and do just any chore. A housekeeping dress can be matched with an apron for protective purposes.

Order Your Favorite Housekeeping Uniform Today

Shopping for housekeeping uniforms can be overwhelming. There are countless options in the market. You also want to make sure that they are professional, comfortable, and durable. You can count on us if you need guidance in choosing the perfect garments.

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