Audiometric testing is a critical workplace safety measure. It provides employers with information about the hearing of their employees, which can help protect them from workplace hazards. Workplace audiometry testing Gold Coast is usually conducted in a soundproof room with equipment for measuring hearing sensitivity and analyzing how well they hear different frequencies of sounds.

Why is this important?

With workplace audiometry testing, employers can determine if any risks in the workplace could lead to their employees suffering from hearing loss. This can be done through an audiogram test, which shows different decibel sounds and how well an individual hears them at specific frequencies. The results will help with workplace safety because it allows managers to design workstations for each worker basead on what they hear best while exposing workers who have lower sound sensitivity or need more breaks during shift hours. Even though noise levels may not seem dangerous when you’re exposed day after day over time, they can still have long-term effects, such as tinnitus (noise ringing in your ears).

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