You may think the design of your website is perfect because you have been working on it for so many days. However, your website users may be seeing some problem that you have missed. It is important to get these design flaws fixed at the earliest possible or it will start causing problems. You will start seeing less traffic and abandonment rate growing higher. Get web design feedback to avoid such problems. It is an ongoing process and not limited to the initial feedback only. You should request your website users to provide feedback about the site problems. Notice the problems related to the website design in these reports.

Get some outside perspective because ultimately it is the other people who will be using your website. Most people will not report the flaws and just leave the website when faced with difficulty in finding what they need or completing a process. You can receive both free and paid feedback. The free ones can be received at forums where community of website designers, developers and other industry people come together to share views. Some websites will charge you to connect to the freelancers who will provide you this feedback.