In wakeboarding, an essential piece of equipment is wakeboard ropes and handles. Without them, wakeboarding would be impossible. Wakeboard ropes are what the rider uses to propel themselves forward in the water. In contrast, wakeboard handles help control their wakeboards on land or in water.

The first step to finding a good set of wakeboard ropes and handles is knowing your needs. Do you want to use it for both land and water? Are you looking for something lightweight? These things should all be considered before making any purchases so that you can find exactly what suits your needs!

Are ropes and handles expensive?

In wakeboarding, wakeboard ropes and handles are affordable pieces of equipment. A good set can be found for around $150-$200 or less!

Where can I find them?

There are plenty of choices online. In Buy Wake, you can find ropes and handles combos. There is also a best review guide with the top 10 wakeboard ropes this year so make sure to check that one out.

Gear up with your ropes and handles before going wakeboarding this summer!