Resins are secreted by plants and developed synthetically into polymers. A resin stool is composed of those polymers and formed into a piece of furniture. A resin stool weighing 24 pounds can hold 300 pounds. That’s a 1-12 weight ratio.

Resin can be formed into different shapes making all types of furniture. Furniture made from resin is resistant to mold, rotting, cracking and water damage. Because of its composition it is relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and easily cleaned.

It is easy to make resin furniture, so the price of it tends to be lower than similar items made from other materials. The maintenance of resin furniture is also quite simple. A plain wet rag can generally wipe down and clean the surface of any piece.

The longevity of a resin piece is based on the quality of resin. If it is cracking and fading after only two years, you purchased poor quality. If after 5 years, it still looks new, it could last for decades.