Many businesses prefer to embroider their name and the employee status on their workwear. The management believes it instills pride and respect in the worker. Fast Food Franchises, office supply stores, and automotive repair chains offer their staff their choice of embroidered t-shirts and dress shirts for workwear.

This concept is capitalized upon by many businesses with multiple outlets. The embroidered t-shirt can withstand multiple washings without losing any clarity after so much exposure to the friction of the machine’s actions. Unlike printed emblems and words, which will disintegrate or eventually rub away after being rubbed and wrung repeatedly, the embroidered information has staying power and could last for years.

Embroidered workwear is a worthwhile investment in clothing if you plan to be employed there for years. Your clothing is sure to stand the test of time with repeated wearing’s, washings, pressings, and steaming’s.