In Australia, we understand the need to have health insurance for ourselves and our family members. We understand that in the event of an accident or due to ill-health, that if we become incapacitated, then we know that we can seek help immediately, because we have the correct health insurance. We get health insurance for the people we love, to make sure that they are well taken care of and can remain with us for a long time. It doesn’t make sense, then, that when it comes to the family dog or cat, that we maintain is part of our extended family, doesn’t have any health insurance.

Very Affordable.

We are a nation of animal lovers, but it seems we don’t want to go the extra yard for our pets. In the event that our animal gets sick and the bills get too much, we as pet owners, will unfortunately have to instruct the vet to put the animal to sleep, due to lack of funds. This just doesn’t make any sense when it is quite straightforward to get yourself some pet insurance by Petplan, and take the necessary steps to ensure that your pet gets the best health service possible. Not surprisingly, many pet owners are not aware of the affordability of a pet insurance plan and the many benefits that it offers. Here are just some of the many benefits.

  • Any Vet – Unlike health insurance that we buy for ourselves and our family members, once you have a pet insurance plan, you can visit any vet and the insurance company doesn’t make you go to one individual vet like human health insurance does. This gives you fantastic peace of mind because you know that if you are on vacation and the family dog is with you, if they get injured or get sick, you can take them to the local vet in that area and get them the care and attention that they need.
  • No Age Restrictions – Unlike human health insurance where there are restrictions regarding how old you are, with pet insurance you can make sure that your pet is covered no matter how old they are. Your pet obviously, cannot have any pre-existing conditions, and if they don’t, then you’re good to go. It also doesn’t matter what kind of breed your dog is because pet insurance companies do not have these kinds of discriminations.
  • Informed Decision – Pet insurance allows you to make an informed decision and a good decision for the benefit of your pet. Nobody wants to be in a situation where money is at the forefront of your decision whether or not to administer your pet with the necessary care and attention that it needs. Having to put a dog or any animal to sleep just because you don’t have the necessary funds, is a sad day indeed.

The above are just three of the many benefits of having a pet insurance plan for your dog or cat. There is no excuse not to have one, because the payments are easily affordable and you can pay monthly if you don’t wish to pay a lump sum payment. You say you love your pet, so do something about it and get some pet insurance today.