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The Need Of Mining Regulations


When the government brought in mining regulations, it meant that all mines had to adhere to a strict code of safety standards. The main aim was to prevent any accidents taking place, which had often occurred before. Many miners would fall sick or even die as a result of working in a mine. So new safety rules are enforced to stop such fatalities.

These new mining rules are strictly implemented by many mining companies in the UK and the US. All mining companies are expected to follow strict safety standards. For example, the minimum safe level is now 8 feet from the ground at any one time. Any mine that exceeds this is banned from operating. All mine owners now need to ensure they follow these safety standards or face fines for not doing so.

Mining has also been regulated by the European Union. It is required that any mine meets certain safety guidelines. This is also applied to any mine that intends to operate worldwide.

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