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 The online sexting Adventure


Sexting can be a fun way to get in the mood and build anticipation, whether you’re sending sensual messages or sending images of yourself. Sexting is an innovative form of digital play that can encourage sexual pleasure in relationships; it can be enjoyable, funny, sexy, steamy, and hot all at once, but it doesn’t always come naturally in most sexual activities.

It can feel like a completely unknown territory if you are new to sexting (or feel uncomfortable about it—it happens, and it’s okay to feel that way!), but with a little practice, you can become a sexting pro.

Always make sure that your advances (via phone or anywhere else) are desired before you get to work on your sexting abilities. Confirm that this recipient is comfortable with it and be clear that they can change their mind at any stage.

There are sexting rules online—understand and abide by them. If you’re highly skilled, you should have no problem having your way. Sext the right way and have your heart’s desires fulfilled.

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