Are you planning to print badges or plastic cards? These jobs cannot be handled using common paper printers. You need printers specially designed for card printing. Even within this category, you have to choose printers of top brands that make high quality printers. These devices have special features to print cards properly, quickly and efficiently. Use an Evolis Printer to print such cards and badges easily. The company offers solutions for corporate, education, government, hospitality, retail, transportation, finance, health and other industries.

Its printers can print, emboss and encode your data on the card. You will receive other services like customized ID accessories. All these services will be tailored to suit your needs. Some of its machines can handle both single-sided and double-sided printing. Encoding features are available for smart contact, contactless and magnetic stripes. The card can last up to three years. The security level is very high. Check more information about card printer trade-in offer whereas you get a new printer at highly reduced price.