Intuitive Consultant is a professional who provides Intuitive Guidance to their clients; they can use Intuition as a way of helping people gain insights into the causes and solutions for problems in their life. Intuitives can tap into information that is not available through our usual five senses. Intuitives also often have psychic abilities to see the past, present, and future events accurately. They may also sense non-physical energies or beings such as angels or spirit guides that other individuals cannot detect without some training.

How can this benefit me?

Intuitives can help you find solutions to problems, strengthen relationships, making good choices, and even give Consultants are individuals who rely on their Intuition to gain information. Intuition is the ability to understand something without conscious reasoning or knowledge from past experiences; it comes as an “aha” moment that logic cannot explain. Intuitives often use this talent to assist others around them who need guidance and help with any given situation, whether it may involve personal matters such as relationship issues, career decisions, etc., or business concerns like marketing strategies and financial planning. Intuitives provide insight into what creates challenges for clients and how they best navigate life’s obstacles to achieve success professionally.

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