Stretch Knit Fabric is one among the commonly used fabrics developed in the 1960s by a chemical company named DuPont. The fabric is structured to stretch and be distorted in a two-way or four-way and return to its original form. Stretch fabric has over the years transitioned from swimsuits and bra material into mainstream clothe material which is widely used till date.

Knit fabric is characterized by its interlaced loop knitting pattern which differs from the grid woven fabric pattern. Stretch fabrics are in different forms each pertaining different properties. The mentioned forms include:


Combined with other materials for stretch and impermeability.


Pure form stretches up to 400% its size but the percentage minimized to 20 when blended with other material.

Neoprene rubber

A synthetic material with rubber qualities allowing breathability.


A two-way stretch fabric which is commonly used in making everyday clothing.