Christmas is just around the corner! Christmas is a time of giving, and that includes getting presents for your loved ones. One great gift idea (and one that’s surprisingly hard to find) is a Christmas Pitbull Onesie.

1) What is it?

A Onesie is a Christmas outfit that looks like you’re wearing your dog! It comes with booties and even a hood to look just like an adorable pit bullpup. This makes the ultimate Christmas gift because who wouldn’t want their little puppy in time for Christmas?!

2) How do I get this fantastic present?

These onesies are available on Amazon, but they only come out around October, so make sure you order early enough before Christmas gets here! Try not to wait until December 23rd, when everyone else has bought all of these cute outfits already, though!

3) What will my friends think about my Christmas present?

Your friends will think that you’re very cool and original for getting such a cute Christmas outfit.
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