Verbatim court reporting is a very specialized occupation that requires an individual to take dictation in the form of shorthand and type it on a stenotype machine. Court reporters are in high demand. The verbatim court reporting services they provide are invaluable to the judicial system and lawyers alike. Court reporters need to have a verbatim memory, type quickly at least 100 words per minute, and be knowledgeable about courtroom rules and procedures.

In this article, we will see some of the most important benefits of verbatim court reporting:

1) Accuracy – It allows for a more accurate record
2) Speed – They can take down what is being said almost instantaneously
3) Cost-efficiency – They are cheaper than stenographic ones.

Some say that verbatim court reporting is an old-fashioned recording process, and it’s time to move on. Stenographers rely on speed and accuracy to take down what is being said in the courtroom. They are trained to transcribe shorthand quickly without missing any keywords or terms. Verbatim reports allow attorneys who are involved with trials or other legal proceedings to review