Triple pane windows are an excellent way to conserve energy in your home. They can also save you money by reducing the need for costly heating and cooling. They are made of three layers that include two sheets of glass with gas or vacuum between them. This triple-layer insulation prevents heat transfer, which means less air conditioning is needed in the summer months, and less heating is required in winter!

1) What is this?

It is a window made of three glass panes separated by two or more layers of inert gas. These windows contain an inner and outer sheet of glass with the gas trapped between them, which increases energy efficiency even further!

2) How much do triple-paned windows cost?

The price of these windows varies depending on where you purchase them from, but they typically start around $300 per window. It’s essential to keep in mind that triple pane windows require frame replacement when being installed, so there may be additional costs involved compared to standard double-pane replacements. These windows can also incur extra charges if your home has unique requirements for installation, such as odd shapes or multiple stories!

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