Kitchens are the heart of the home and finding the right items to fill the room should be a fun process. Before you buy kitchen decor there are some things to consider.

Does the item fit the current theme of the room? Even if there isn’t an actual theme there is usually a color scheme that a buyer may want to carry over from another room, or it may be in the kitchen already. Curtains, clocks, and even rugs can be purchased to help make color happen in the room.

How easy is the item to clean? If the kitchen is used for actual cooking then grease, oil, moisture, and even odors are all a part of the process. Any items in the room should be easy to clean to help keep the room hygienic. Curtains and rugs can usually be washed without a problem, but those cute little knick-knacks and gadgets may be a different story. Hand painted items should have a glaze over them to help keep them pretty but durable enough to wash.

Is the item functional? While wall items are usually for decor only the other items that sit on the counter or the table should be functional. Pretty canisters can hold much needed items for the cooking process, and therefor are functional. Empty spice jars that will never be used just take up space. This about how the item will actually be used can help to keep the kitchen clutter free as well as nicely decorated.

Function, look, and ease of clean is what the kitchen requires when it comes to decor items. Keep all of these things in mind while looking for the right pieces and shopping will be a breeze.