Maintaining high levels of energy and a balanced body weight isn’t always easy. After all, much of the foods that people are consuming are actually low in nutritional value. The good news is that you can use the three healthy eating tips that follow to totally change how your body looks and feels.

Try to consume most of your foods closest to their natural state. This will eliminate a lot of processed and highly refined goods from your diet that have little to no nutritional benefits. It will also require you to consumer more home-cooked fare which can be better for you in every way. It’s also a good idea to stick to single-ingredient foods. This is another way to avoid low-value, processed food. For instance, steamed rice or rice that you steam at home is far better for your body than multi-ingredient rice mixes. Finally, always take a few minutes to relax before eating. Drink some water while you wait. What you perceive as hunger may be boredom or thirst. By delaying meals and snacks for just 10 minutes, you can dramatically reduce problems with overeating.