Loss of bladder control is a very common issue. Whether you suffer from mild or severe incontinence, there may be ways to reverse your condition. Among the most effective of these are pelvic therapy exercises. These activities gradually rebuild strength in the pelvic floor so that spasmodic actions such as coughing, laughing, blowing your nose, or pushing during a bowel movement do not result in the unintentional release of urine. Following are three reasons to start performing these exercises today.

You’ll smell better. It’s an uncomfortable subject to say the least, but there are few ways to reduce the odor that invariably builds when a person leaks urine throughout the day. Although moisture and odor absorbing pads can help, the best way to stay smelling fresh is by restoring good bladder functioning. You will also have more confidence. Knowing that you can stay dry no matter what you do will provide a tremendous sense of relief. It will also give you the freedom to wear what you want and to be intimate with your partner without fear of excess wetness or unexpected smells. Finally, performing these exercises can actually prevent your conditioning from worsening. Loss of muscle control can be a progressive issue. Exercising is a proactive way to limit the severity of struggles and ensure a good overall life quality.