Eyes lenses are an important part of eyesight. They provide eyes with protection, help eyes focus on close or far away objects, and adjust the pupil. In this article, we will discuss three reasons why eyes lenses matter:

1) Lenses protect your eyes from dust, dirt, smoke, and other things that can damage them.
2) They help eyes focus on objects at different distances.
3) The pupils in your eyes adjust to let more or less sunlight into your eyeballs, so you don’t get too much glare from bright lights or squinting when it’s dark outside.

Eyes lenses can be used to correct eyesight or be used for cosmetic purposes, such as making one’s eyes look bigger and brighter. They provide corrective vision so that those with bad eyesight can see more clearly. They are also a cosmetic option for people who want to change their eye color or make them appear larger than they are.
Eyeglasses have become fashion accessories in recent years, meaning that some people choose to wear them even if they don’t need them because it makes them look stylish!