Students are the most invested in their education and have a lot of free time, making them an excellent target for ticket sales!

Every year, universities and colleges sell tickets to students. Whether they are for sporting events or concerts, these tend to can sell out fast!

Use these three techniques to sell tickets to students:

1) Promote your events on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

This will allow your ticket sales to reach a wide range of students.

Start asking local businesses if you can place their posters around campus about your event – this is another great way that you will be able to advertise it all over campus! This is an amazing idea because it helps to spread the word out and potentially to nearby communities.

2) Include flyers inside school buildings and classrooms.

The best places to put flyers are hallways and common areas, such as the student union or library. Although this might seem like a tedious task, it will help sell tickets! Flyers can also be printed cheaply online – so don’t worry about spending too much money!

You could even try asking stores around campus if they would mind you posting some up there for free – make sure to ask permission first! This is a great way to get your name out into the community without having to spend too much time or effort on promotion. You should have many students coming from outside of school boundaries who want entertainment during their break periods anyway…so why not let them see an awesome show?

3) Offer student discounts as an incentive for them to buy the tickets.

You could sell them at a lower price than usual, but instead, you can sell student discount tickets to attract your target audience.

If you sell the ticket for $15, offer the student $12 or even give it away free! Keep in mind that this has to be approved by whoever is sponsoring your show – but if they are willing, then there’s no harm done! If people want free things, giving them something may make them more inclined to come along.