Timber is a material that can be used to make many items and a stand for your cooler is one of them. Completing this item can be beneficial in the sense that it can be sold to generate income, or it can be a home accessory that serves your cooler purpose. To build a wooden cooler stand, you need the following tools.

Quality Timber

Wood is the primary material used in constructing this item. Ensure the wood you find is of high quality. Quality wood makes appropriate and durable products.

Measuring Tape and Ruler

These items are necessary for measuring the dimensions during construction. Without measurement, it becomes difficult to construct a good looking stand.


This tool is used to cut pieces of plank easily. After taking measurements, you will need to cut the wood according to your measurements.


Wooden stands to provide a unique sense of style. They are beautiful and durable, especially if the timber is of top quality.