Customer service training is an essential part of any successful business. Without top-notch skills, your company will be unable to compete in the marketplace and struggle to achieve top-tier growth. Today we’re going to take a look at three top customer service training companies that have proven track records when it comes to delivering exceptional results for their clients.

1) Zendesk: With over 1 million customers worldwide, Zendesk provides top-quality customer service training through its online courses and tutorials, which have been translated into 31 different languages. They offer paid plans starting at $6 per user/month and free trial periods for those who want to try before they buy.

2) 3Q Learning: Another top customer service training company offers top-notch courses and a large library of videos to help support the on-premise programs they offer. They also have an online course option for those who want to train remotely without leaving their home or office.

3) Customer Service Training by LiveOps – LiveOps has been helping businesses improve their customer service skills since 1999 with its live chat solutions and interactive voice response system (IVR). With over 10 million hours of phone conversations delivered each year, LiveOps has a wealth of information and customer service training at its disposal.

As customer service has become increasingly more important in an economy with a surplus of competition, companies are looking for top-of-the-line training services to help them provide top-notch customer service.