Luxury travel is an experience unlike any other. It’s luxury because it makes you feel like royalty and not-so luxury. After all, you still have to pack your suitcase and sit next to the person on the plane. But before we get into all that luxury travel has to offer, here are our top 3 luxury travel tips for booking a trip:

1) Book with a trusted luxury travel website – You want to make sure that when you book your luxury vacation, it’s through a trusted site–that way, if anything goes wrong (like losing luggage), they will be there to help!

2) Pack light – The more stuff you bring, the less space there is for pampering and luxury: you don’t want to be rubbing elbows with someone else’s toothbrush, or worse yet, bringing your own and having the luxury hotel provide it for free.

3) Leave the kids at home – It’s hard enough to relax on luxury vacations as it is, and having your little ones along for the ride will only make things worse. Leave those bundles of joy at home!

Luxury travel is a great way to get away from it all; just make sure you book luxury accommodations through luxury websites–that’s where the luxury comes in!