Are you fed up with your fluctuating apartment electricity bill? Well, it’ll be a good thing to find out where you’re going wrong or if your house is high on energy (literally). For starters, look up which appliances seem to be consuming the most electric power and try to cut down on the same. Utility bills can be caused due to several other factors including your apartment size, insulation, and furnace. But, the good thing is there are easy ways to cut down on utility costs.

Six Steps to Save on Your Electric Bill

 Below we have listed six simple steps to follow if you wish to see a reduction of electricity bills.

1. Turn off the Lights

Switching off the lights is the simplest way to save big on electricity. Many of us tend to neglect this habit but in doing so you can actually reduce your utility bill. So make sure to turn off the lights when you’re not using it. And if you want to see a great reduction in energy, then allow natural light through your windows during the day. Do not turn on the lights until it becomes dark to cut down on electricity expenses.

2. Use Energy-efficient light bulbs

The first step after moving into an apartment is to check the lightings.  Be sure to replace any light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL. The use of CFL offers the same lighting as any standard ones but uses up 75% less energy. While LED bulbs are also efficient and help in the reduction of electricity bills.

3. Limit use of Water Heater

Most of us commonly overuse hot water whilst taking long showers and even when doing laundry. You can wash your clothes with cold water and save up huge energy. Next, limit your shower time by a few minutes. While you’re adjusting to this new routine, do yourself a favor by installing a showerhead with a water sense label. This can cut down on electricity expenses and keep your water usage in check too.

4. Check the Air Filter and Ducts

Air conditioners feature a filter system to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. But, it is necessary to have the air filter checked regularly otherwise it makes the ac less efficient and adds to your apartment electricity bill. If you haven’t changed yours for long, then have it checked to avoid double-time and cost to push through the changing process.

5. Watch your Appliance Usage

For practical reasons, you cannot unplug all the appliances at one go. But, you can cut down on electricity expenses while unplugging small appliances like phone chargers, toasters, and even refrigerators when not in use. This will cut off your electric bill to an extent. Also, you may consider using timed surged protectors that can turn off devices when you not home like modem routers, TV cable boxes, and microwave.

6. Skip the Dryer and Air-dry Clothes

Dryers are useful, but it is true they consume a lot of energy. Instead, hang your clothes outside to air dry instead of tumbling in the dryer. Besides some clothes aren’t suitable for machine wash, so skip it, and save big on energy too.

Huge utility bills are frustrating, so try to be conscious of your energy use to cut down on your apartment electricity bill. If you are looking for a new apartment do keep the above points in mind. You can save up your electric bills while cutting on other costs as well. For those looking for a property in Bangalore, look up for Sobha Dream Acres featuring attractive amenities. If you need assistance to find your next house, then contact Nobroker to score the best deals.