If you’ve been having a hard time dropping weight or firming up common trouble zones, you may want to consider adding cardio kickboxing videos to your ongoing fitness routine. Kickboxing provides an intense, whole-body workout that burns maximum amounts of fat and calories within a very nominal amount of time. It’s the perfect training for ramping up a slow, sluggish metabolism, and for overcoming frustrating weight loss plateaus. Best of all, these standing workouts can have an impressive impact on your waistline as they trim off love handles, create visible ab definition, and strip away stubborn low-belly fat.

If you’re new to kickboxing, you’ll love the fact that these videos are structured to accommodate all fitness levels. You’ll find variations of each major exercise for beginners, intermediate level kickboxers, and those who are far more advanced. Thus, not only will these videos work well at the very start of your training, but they’ll continue to remain viable and valuable training materials even as you progress. Moreover, they represent the perfect blend of cardiovascular exercise and strength-training, thereby allowing users to both shed fat and build muscle.