At one time, the only way to reverse advanced facial aging was by having a high-risk, invasive cosmetic procedure performed. Now, however, you can us the dermal fillers Manhattan residents rely on. These injectable solutions are designed to restore lost volume at the mid-face so that loose, sagging, and severely wrinkled skin is smoothed out and filled in. The top products can eliminate deep creases at the nasolabial folds, hollows at the cheeks, and sagging skin along the jawline. Even deep lines traveling from the outer corners of the mouth to the edge of the chin, commonly referred to as marionette lines, can be successfully removed with these procedures. Best of all, injectable fillers are completely non-invasive. These treatments can be completed in minutes and the do not entail any downtime. Apart from slight bleeding or bruising at the injection sites, patients won’t have to deal with any uncomfortable aftereffects.