There are many online training programs for people to take advantage of. These programs can help you learn something new, teach you a skill that will help in your career, or just allow you to explore online learning with no commitment. Three online training practices have been proven effective over time and should be incorporated into any online training program:


Gamification is a method of online training that incorporates elements from video games to motivate the learner and make learning fun. It works by adding points, badges, levels, or other symbols of achievement to online courses for learners to see their progress. Not only does it provide motivation, but it also provides structure.


Personalization is an online training that allows the learner to learn and participate in a way that is catered specifically for them. This online learning technique gives every learner their own space, which they access when completing online courses. Learners can then customize their personalized course by adding information such as a photo.

Social integration.

Social integration online training is a great way to create community with learners as well as between the instructor and learner. Social online learning allows for collaboration which aids in building trust, rapport, and relationships among peers within online courses. This can be done through forums where students post questions or comments that other peer members answer or comment on.

To conclude, online training can be an effective online learning solution when used correctly. However, online training is not for everyone and does require a set of best practices to ensure the most successful online courses possible.