Are you the kind of person who dreads home remodeling projects? Are you terrified of having your home all torn up for weeks or months on end? Well, you are not alone. Not everybody is enthusiastic about remodeling. Yet there are some projects that can do wonders for your home without requiring major upheaval. Updating your staircase is one of them.

In most homes, the staircase is the first thing you see when you enter through the front door. As such, it sets the stage for the rest of the house. The impression people get from the staircase carries into the kitchen, dining room, etc. This suggests that a few simple updates to the staircase can change everything.

New Wrought Iron Spindles

One of the hottest staircase updates right now is replacing wooden spindles with wrought iron. Also known as balusters, spindles are the vertical posts that support the handrail. Wood is the material of choice for new builds because it is comparatively inexpensive and easy to work with.

The problem with wood is that it needs constant care and maintenance to continue looking good. Wood also tends to age in ways that isn’t necessarily attractive. For some homeowners, a better alternative is wrought iron.

A contractor like Atlanta’s The Iron Spindle can replace an entire set of spindles in just a couple of hours. You can also do it yourself, if you can use basic hand and power tools and have moderate DIY skills. You should not attempt to do it yourself if tasks like replacing light fixtures and adjusting door handles is beyond your ability.

New Handrail and Newel Posts

Replacing the handrail and newel posts is another project a good contractor can complete in under a day. Granted, it is a bit more complicated than just replacing the spindles. It still won’t force you live in a torn-up house for weeks on end.

Straight handrails are the easiest to replace because they do not require any special effort. Things get a bit more complicated if you’re replacing a curved handrail. Your contractor will either have to take the necessary measurements and build the new handrail off-site or do the build on-site before installation.

As for the newel posts, these are pretty straightforward. A newel post can be installed in under 30 minutes by a skilled contractor.

Adding or Removing Carpet

You might be completely happy with your handrail, newel posts, and spindles. Your treads and risers might still be in great condition. So what can you do? Consider adding a carpet or removing existing carpet. Both options would completely transform the look of your staircase.

If you are adding carpet, you can go the complete width of the treads and risers or just cover a portion. In either case, carpet can be added in a couple of hours. It’s not a big deal.

If you are removing carpet, you may have a bit more work to do. Removing carpet requires being extremely diligent to guarantee that all nails are either completely removed or driven below the surface of the wood. Then the holes have to be filled and sanded. Finally, you will have to refinish.

Removing carpet requires more work and time. Still, a couple of days is all that’s needed. You can get back the natural beauty of the staircase without having to spend weeks doing it.

There are quite a few projects you can turn to in an effort to revitalize the staircase. With a fresh new look, your staircase will invite both family and guests to come in and enjoy your home.