Suffering from dry eyes can be a temporary condition but when it persists for long periods it is referred to as ‘chronic’. The chronic condition occurs when a person’s eyes cannot produce enough tears to lubricate the eyes. This can be caused by rapid evaporation of the tear liquid or because of inflammation in and around the eyes.

Chronic dry eye treatment is available as over-the-counter eye drops that are called ‘artificial tears’. Those using preservative based formulations can be stored for long periods while non-preservative versions come in disposable vials that are suitable for one-time use.

If the dry eye condition persists a doctor may prescribe medication. Some of these are taken orally while others are applied as eye drops. Most medications focus on reducing inflammation around the eyelids which can prevent a person’s oil glands secreting an oil that goes into tears and that prevents them from evaporating too quickly. Certain antibiotics have also been found to have the same effect.