Tree Surgeon Wantage is the art of Tree Removal. It can be applied when you need to take down a tree due to safety reasons. These removal services are often required in densely populated areas where trees become hazardous for people, utility lines, structures, and other trees. It also becomes necessary when property owners want to change their landscape or clean up large quantities of storm debris. Tree surgeons employ various methods, including sawing, dynamiting, and even climbing up into the tree using ropes or ladders with chain saws strapped to their backs!

Why is this important?

The Tree surgeon is an expert in this field. They generally do not use these methods but rather the careful removal of parts of the tree that are unsafe to leave behind. Surgeons can also help with environmental projects such as stream restoration and habitat conservation efforts by removing invasive exotic plant species like Himalayan blackberry from natural areas. When working on public land or were possible under law, the Surgeon will replant native trees when leaving a site, reducing erosion problems once vegetation is re-established after they have finished their work at your property.
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