A good side hustle pays well enough to make your work even when you are tired. It should pay at least as much as your regular job does and it should never pay less. The idea behind a side hustle is to be able to earn enough money to buy the things you normally cannot with your regular position.


Turning a hobby into a money-making opportunity

1) Car mechanic – changing oil or washing cars

2) Seamstress-alterations or custom tailor

3) Graphic Artist or IT person-website design or computer repair

4) Typist-virtual receptionist or transcriptionist or closed caption worker

5) English Majors-Proofreaders or editors

6) Foreign Language speakers-translators

7) A talker-voice-over work

There is an extensive list of potential side hustle ideas. All you must do is some research, and you may discover that you too can turn your hobbies into side hustle money-making opportunities.