Do you have a TV Above Fireplace Design? If not, are you considering it? Here are three tips for TV Above Fireplace Designs that can help make your space functional and stylish!

1. Keep TV Below the Mantel: This is an important design idea because it creates more living room space and provides a better view of the fireplace without blocking any part of the TV screen.
2. Use Glass or Mirror on One Side: As opposed to having all four sides covered with black TV panels, use one side to create a mirrored effect so that people can see themselves in the reflection while they watch TV.
3. Place TV at Eye Level: When designing your layout, place your television at eye level.

Tv’s Above Fireplace Designs that are positioned at eye level allow for a more comfortable viewing experience.

With these tips, you will certainly have a great and convenient design, they will look good and be comfortable also.