Sometimes, words aren’t enough. We can tell someone we care about them, but how do we show them? Different people appreciate different things. Your family members might know you care when you show up for family dinner. Your friends might know you care when you send them a text to check-in. If you’re looking for a few more ways to demonstrate that you’re thinking about someone, here are a few unique ideas. Think about the person’s love language (which is helpful even when thinking about someone who’s just a friend or family member) and what type of expression might mean the most to him or her.

Give the gift of diamonds.

If you know the person you want to appreciate loves gifts, give the gift of diamonds. Agape diamonds are the perfect present for someone who wants a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s thoughtfully made. Agape offers both lab-created and natural diamonds that are ethically sourced.

The diamonds are gorgeous and conflict-free, so you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for morals. Each piece of jewelry is also made in-house, so you’re paying the lowest prices possible by purchasing directly from Agape Diamonds. Each Agape Diamonds review raves about the amazing customer service, incredible quality, and affordable cost. This is the right purchase for someone in your life who loves gifts and feeling special.

Hire a cleaning service (or become the cleaning service).

For some, acts of service are the biggest love language. If you have time, you may want to show up at your friend or family member’s house and spend the day cleaning. You can vacuum, mop, do the dishes and laundry, and help them by making their home extra clean. Of course, not everyone has time to become a professional cleaning service. Hiring a great company to come in and clean for your loved one is an amazing way to show that you care and want to help relieve some of their stress.

Donate to his or her favorite charity.

While some people enjoy gifts for themselves, others appreciate gifts made for them. Your loved one might have a charity that’s very close to his or her heart. Donating your time or money to this organization shows that you have the same values. This gift has the added bonus of inspiring others to give. When we see people donating or matching donations, we’re inspired to give. Make a public donation to your friend’s favorite charity and others might just chip in. You’ll be doing good for the world and showing your loved one that you care about.

Do a photoshoot (and store the pictures).

If your friend or family member wants to spend quality time with you, do a photoshoot. Dress up and take pictures of each other. You can do a silly shoot in costume or put on your fancy dresses and jewelry for a classy shoot. Pictures allow us to see the world and each other differently. You’ll love connecting in front of and behind the camera. After the shoot, gift your loved one with private online photo storage. Buy him or her an ibi for storing the photos. It’s easy to use and keeps all the pictures secure and private. He or she can set up the ibi to collect pictures from devices, social media accounts, and cloud accounts so no photo is ever lost. Then he or she can decide who to share the pictures with. Ask your friend to send you a private link to the digital photo album and you’ll have access to all the amazing pictures you took too. Your loved one will appreciate the time you spent together and the thought you put into the gift of ibi.

Learn your friend or family member’s love language and you’ll always know the right thing to give him or her. Showing others that you care about them is important for relationship building and overall happiness. Don’t forget to do things for the people you love.