Getting a stain out of the fabric of a chair is a bit of a pain. If food spills, it is possible to clean up the surface deposit, but a variety of foods have pigments that seep deeper into the cloth. Anything that is fatty or with tomatoes is bad, although grape juice gets top credit for horror stories. It is hard to clean your upholstery alone because you have to get into that deeper fabric, so consider examining services in upholstery cleaning Brisbane residents tend to prefer.

If a piece of furniture is expensive or another person’s property, then having it professionally restored is pretty much a requirement. Some old chairs that used silk because nylon thread was not around are themselves still around because of very careful cleaning. There are foaming products that lift dirt, but some stains require gentle solvents and very careful vacuuming. If it is an antique, keep it in mint condition. If it is new but worth it, make it an antique.