Freeze drying means no moisture or vapor was added as the fruit was drying, so berries can be frozen with the moisture contained in the berry only. Freeze dried fruits are excellent additions to smoothies. Generally, you can remove a smaller portion of the frozen berries to use in your smoothie recipe and in minutes have a cool to cold refreshing morning drink that could serve as a breakfast meal.

Other Great Uses For Frozen Fruits
• To flavor homemade ice cream.
• To add flavor to Icees and Slushies.
• To flavor a No-bake Cheesecake.

For ice cream, icees or slushies, as you pour other flavorings in the crushed ice or cream, add crushed or blended pieces of the frozen fruit. Be creative, add your favorite fruit to a no-bake cheese cake recipe. You can put your fruit in a mixer with sugar and mix until you no longer see or hear fruit moving in the mixer. What you’ll get is a powdery dry mixture packed with fruit flavor. Add it to the cream cheese mixture in the blender and blend.