A wireless barcode scanner is perfect when you do not want to get tied to a base because of the attached cable. You can scan products freely without any restriction of a cord. Scan a lot more products with full freedom. The handheld wireless scanner can be used for all barcode reading applications. You can use it as long as it remains within its specified range of distance from the base computer to which it is connected by its wireless USB receiver. It also comes with a cable to connect it to the computer and establish a wired connection.

The USB cable charges its internal battery. You do not need any driver to start scanning barcodes. Just connect it to the computer and your software will start receiving the barcode data input. The device is capable of scanning up to 300 scans every second. It can read different types of barcodes including ISBN, UPC, EAN and others. The transmission distance is 60-100 meters in the indoor areas. The distance varies based on the signal strength in an indoor area.