Sterilization equipment, also known as Sterile Air, Sterile Gloves, is a medical device that functions to protect against the spread of disease by preventing the transmission of infectious agents. The necessary Sterilization equipment is used to sterilize medical devices in hospitals or other health care facilities. Sterilization equipment works through mechanical and chemical processes to kill germs and prevent infection. This includes the use of airtight enclosures, personal protective equipment, in-line or submicron vacuum sterilizers, specific chemical compounds, and other methods.

The most common type of sterilization equipment is the air compressor used in various ways such as drying or cleaning. Some Sterilization equipment is focused on germ control, and others focus on removing microorganisms from the biological solutions. Another essential type of Sterilization equipment is the Ultrasonic cleaner or Dirt Smart, as it sterilizes by producing high-frequency sound waves. There are also different types of machines such as an electrochemical, enzymatic, viral, and ultrasonic cleaner, which are all important in sterilizing and preventing the transmission of diseases.