Velvet Backdrops are and ideal fabric for photography projects. It is a soft and durable material that is also versatile. Images, photo shoots and tabletop photography will all have an enhanced appeal with a plush velvet background. One great thing about this material is that it absorbs light and will produce sharp and clear images. Plus, various colors are available like red, black, white, navy, purple, green, pink, orange, cocoa, yellow, sage and aqua. Velvet can be used as a backdrop for selfies, fashion runways, sale booths, still photography and photo shoots. Velvet backdrops are perfect for interior and exterior shoots and will give images a sophisticated and professional appearance. Finding the right size is easy because these backdrops are offered in a selection of heights and widths. Plus, they come plain or can be embellished with buttons, contrasting stitching, beads or jewels.