You want to install a vending machine at your establishment but do not want to invest a big amount of money that such machines require. You have two options in such a case. The first is to hire the machine and the second is to lease it. Hiring the machine means you pay only a small amount every month while you get to keep and use a very expensive device. Vending machine lease option works similarly except that you get to keep the machine at the end of the lease term.

There are several advantages of both hire and lease options. There is no startup or upfront cost even when you will be keeping an expensive equipment. In fact, the hire company does not require any payment for the first 90 days. This gives you a good head start and you will start earning profits from day one without any investment. The machine will be installed at your place at no cost to you. It comes with warranty and its repair is not your responsibility if you have rented it. There are many such advantages of lease and hire options for this machine.