If you are considering verbatim court reporting as a career, you should know the basics. Verbatim court reporting is an audio transcription service offered by qualified providers to provide verbatim transcripts of judicial proceedings. These are verbatim records of what was said in legal settings, such as trials and depositions.

What is this about?

This is a service that verifies the accuracy and completeness of the verbatim record.
The most common verbatim transcription services are:
– Court reporters (either stenographic or voice writers)
– CART providers (who use computers to transcribe speech into text in real-time for deaf people, using specialized software and equipment.)
– Captioning companies (transcribing dialogue on videos such as closed captioning)
– Real-time writing/translation groups (working with nonverbal individuals who communicate through sign language.) Verbatim transcriptions can be used by legal professionals, the media, teachers, researchers, and students.

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